24 social dwellings at Igualada

The proposal plans a compact building, square shaped and built in a robust way, organized around a central courtyard. The courtyard has been thought as a place not only for circulation but also as a collective space, where the stairs appear as an open element.

The courtyard acts also as a thermic regulation system. It is closed in winter to gain energy from the sun but can be opened during summer to generate ventilation and extract the heated air.

As an answer to the characteristics of the site the building opens itself towards the park at east and west, where galleries appear. The galleries become opened terraces in the dwellings in the centre and the corners.

In the dwellings there are two bedrooms and no hierarchy between the spaces, so is it possible to change the function of the spaces in a flexible manner. The dwellings in the ground floor have got its own gardens.

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    Stefano Cortellaro, MAB arquitectura
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