6 apartments building, Gavà

It is located at the old city centre of Gavà, where buildings between party walls with street alignment are the common typology. The building its also characterized by the presence of a perpendicular street that gives importance to its facade, providing that it is going to be seen form far distance, and that justifies its composition and materiality. The entrance thought the double height hall give access to the steel stair, the lift and the ground floor’s dwellings; duplex with garden. In the dwellings of the second floor, the space between the section of the ceiling and the services box allows the appearance of an attic.

  • 1.Date
  • 2.Developer
  • 3.Place
    Carrer Montflorit 32, Gavà
  • 4.Type
    Built (2006)
  • 5.Authors
    José García Navas, Stefano Cortellaro
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