Alaior Health Centre, Menorca

The new Alaior’s health centre is located at the end of the old town. The public space analysis of the historical Alaior’s core and the relation between public space, squares and facilities or landmarks, leads us to place the main entrance to the health centre on the façade facing the old town.

We present a compact building, with a longitudinal hall that communicates the two squares generated by the building, and with perpendicular patios that recover the structure and the dimensions from the parcels in the Pou’s street. The proposal is solved through traditional constructive systems. The ground floor of the building is built with exposed white concrete blocks with an horizontal joint and a series of lattices made from concrete in interior-exterior continuity, which set the building’s language.

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    Alaior, Menorca
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    Stefano Cortellaro, David Garcia
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