Can Cumodo, Ibiza

The aim of the project is the rehabilitation and ampliation of a traditional rural Ibizan house, using characteristic materials of the local tradition and removing some typological and constructive alterations where possible.

The ampliation is proposed as a new piece located on the upper terrace. Its position is perpendicular to the topography, adjusting to the lay of the land. The piece follows an “L” scheme, a common typology in rural Ibizan architecture, so the shape of an open house surrounding a countryside opened to south is preserved. Pre-existing elements in the site such as terrace’s walls, cultivations, etc., become part of the new ampliation piece proposed.

  • 1.Date
  • 2.Developer
  • 3.Place
    Santa Eulària, Ibiza
  • 4.Type
    Built (2018)
  • 5.Authors
    Stefano Cortellaro
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