House in Dalt Vila, Ibiza

The aim of the proposal has been the integral rehabilitation of a house in Dalt Vila, Ibiza, composed by three different units and that has a big garden close to the Hospitalet Church. The basic criteria to design that rehabilitation have been to improve the functionality of the house, the clarity of the distribution and the relationships between the interior spaces, the garden, the street and the exterior views; to improve lighting conditions, ventilation, height, and of some of the interior spaces to solve some structural and constructive pathologies.

To achieve these objectives, we have tried to respect the configuration of the house as much as possible and have introduced three main modifications. The first is the modification of the currently inclined roofs that we place flat to solve height problems, water inflows, and improve the general volumetry. The second operation is to change the direction of the stairs to the garden. This change allows also improving the connection of the first floor and the garden. The third is to use the existing door on the street that opens to the current bedroom area as the main access to the house. We get then a circulation that opens diagonally towards the views, leads to the stair area (illuminated by the upper skylight) and goes down to the garden. This circulation improves the relations between the interior spaces and the exterior of the house. The staircase is the element that introduce light in the darker parts of the house and visually communicates the different spaces of the house.

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    Dalt Vila, Ibiza
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    Stefano Cortellaro, Sergio Parra
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