New Clinic, Aiguaviva

The project is located in a new area of the small village of Aiguaviva, close to Girona, in a trapezoidal form plot with a slight slope, between a street, a public walk and a space oriented to the south.
In response to site characteristics and functional program, the project propose a southeast oriented building, with a double access from both streets that also solve existing topographic differences of levels. The distribution is a consequence of important questions such as the need of natural lighting for the waiting room and the privacy of the medical consulting rooms which are the real centre of the building.

  • 1.Date
  • 2.Developer
  • 3.Place
    Aiguaviva, Girona
  • 4.Type
    Built (2012)
  • 5.Authors
    Stefano Cortellaro, Sergi Carulla, Oscar Blasco
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