Primary Health Clinic, Sant Feliu de Codines

The project’s site is located in a trapezoidal plot inside a public service buildings area in Sant Feliu de Codines. Its limits are defined at west by Josep Umbert I Rosàs Square, where the community centre it is found, at north by Fonteta Street and at east by Segadors street. At south the plot opens to the stream as a good viewpoint.

The proposal plans a compact building, with the main waiting area in the centre opened to the panorama, and the examination rooms oriented to the green areas and the square, as the answer to the characteristics of the place and the functional programme. The entrance is in the corner near the square. Then, a five meters courtyard appears between the square and the building. The plan also answers to the necessity of respecting the channelled stream and the existent stairs communicating with the garden. Some sustainability criteria have been taken in account, as the correct orientation, the natural ventilation and illumination in all the spaces, or the green roof that has also a thermal solar panels system.

  • 1.Date
  • 2.Developer
  • 3.Place
    Sant Feliu de Codines, Catalunya
  • 4.Type
    Competition: First Prize
  • 5.Authors
    Stefano Cortellaro, Isabel Bennasar
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