Refurbishment of a building in Ciutat Vella to place residential shelter services

 The starting point for the proposal is it found on the existing building, its urban situation and distribution, and its value as heritage. The functional programme places the served and serving spaces depending on the existent apertures, the position of the staircase, the base floor entrances and the qualities of interior spaces.

The distribution follows a simple scheme where the family unities are placed on both ends of the plan, letting the coliving spaces to occupy the central space, where we also found the staircase and the elevator. The two zones of that space have balconies towards Civader Street. That scheme permits that unities share common spaces and, at the same time, ensures privacy.

In the base floor it is recognised as the main entrance the one on Civader Street. It is proposed to maintain as much as possible of the current builing’s structure. Natural lighting and crossed ventilation are priorities on the proposal.

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    Ciutat Vella, Barcelona
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    Stefano Cortellaro, Ines de Rivera, Esteve Aymerich
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