Restoration of a small ruin, Baix Ebre

The aim of the project is to restore a little country house, a rural construction located near the ancient path between Tortosa and Perelló. The side’s landscape is composed by stone terraces, olive trees and some pines. At some point, a newer construction with flat roof was added to the original building.

The modest intervention aims to preserve the house’s soul and its way of function, working with materials that give continuity to the original ones. The existent windows are respected, so to improve the lighting two skylights are added. They will provide natural light all day and allow the enjoyment of Baix Ebre’s night sky. In the newer construction the roof is modified to give continuity to the existent volumetry. The house will still work with rainwater, light from solar lamps and heat from wood stoves.

  • 1.Date
  • 2.Developer
  • 3.Place
    El Perelló, Tarragona
  • 4.Type
    Built (2016)
  • 5.Authors
    Stefano Cortellaro
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