HPO Housing building, Viladecans

It is proposed a building with two distinguishable heights: the GF+4 block towards Passeig de la Marina’s promenade, provisioned with a commercial ground floor, and the GF+2 block at Jaume Balmes street. The entrance is allocated at the promenade, thought a hall that acts also as a passage and communicates with the courtyard. The courtyard becomes a garden, a green space for relationships and socialization. Vertical circulations are solved with an only staircase, articulating the different circulation spaces. It is planned a compact building, with a concrete basement and ventilated facades conformed by light panels that require little maintenance.

The dwellings are based on a sequenced dwelling scheme easily adaptable to the corner and the shape changes. It is protected by galleries in both sides and allows natural light and cross ventilation. The room’s sizes are similar in order to favour flexibility and programme changes. The passive strategies allow the reduction of the energetic demand: galleries, that act as thermal control spaces, capturing solar radiation during winter and protecting from the sun in summer; natural light and crossed ventilation in all the dwellings. It is proposed a garden in the roof floor, with a collective system of solar photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting.

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    Viladecans, Catalunya
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    Stefano Cortellaro
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