We are an architecture and urban planning studio founded in Barcelona and Ibiza in 1999, led by Stefano Cortellaro, professor at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona. We work in construction, refurbishment, landscape and urban planning projects, both at architectural scale or urban and territorial scale.

The interest towards rural and popular architecture, on the construction of the city and the territory, is essential in our work on the studio

We work both for public or private clients, mainly in Spain and Italy, in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

Our structure brings together professionals and collaborators from various fields, and that allows us to work in projects of different sizes and scales, paying always special attention to the relation with the site, the landscape, the functional issues, the details and the quality in execution.


Stefano Cortellaro, director architect (1995)

Collaborators since 1999

Román Fernández, Thea Porto, Carla Leandro, Alba Sanchis, Irene Vidal, Josep Ninou, Aina Santesmasses, Anna Guiu, María Poble, Sergio Parra, Anna Vulart de Torres, Adrián Bedoya, Jean Julie Mattazzi, Eleonora Sisinna, Vanessa Jordá Surís, Lara Ferrer, Francesca Caruso, Olga Mascolo, Carolina Carvalho, Gianluca Giaccone.

Partners, consultants

Urbanism, Landscape and Architecture

Jordi Romero, AAUP, Barcelona

Jordi Henrich, Barcelona

Isabel Bennassar, Barcelona

DAW Arquitecture, David García, Barcelona

SCOB Arquitectes, Barcelona

Víctor Rahola, Barcelona

MAB Architetti, Marotta Basile, Milano

Elías Torres, José Antonio Martínez Lapeña, Arquitectes, Barcelona


Building Structures Area



Building Installation Area

CVC Enginyers



Technical Architecture Area

Òscar Cabrera, Arquitecte Tècnic, Barcelona

José María Arenas, Arquitecte Tècnic, Ibiza



Manfredi Patitucci, Adrià Goula


Graphic design

Mario y Nieves Berenguer, Ellen Diedrich



Antoni Ferrer Abarzuza


Main public clients

Ayuntamiento de Ibiza

Ayuntamiento de Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

Ayuntamiento de Palma de Mallorca

Instituto Ramón Llull

Consejo de Ibiza

Generalitat de Catalunya, GISA

Generalitat de Catalunya, Infraestructures.cat

Consorcio Ibiza Patrimonio

Obispado de Ibiza y Formentera

Ayuntamiento de Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Ayuntamiento Sant Adrià del Besós



Stefano Cortellaro, (Milan,1969), is a landscape, territory and refurbishment projects expert. His professional activity balances between the practice of architecture and teaching as Urban Planning professor at ETSAB. He works mainly at Barcelona, Ibiza, where he was in charge of Culture for the Ibiza and Formentera COAIB’s area and member of the Urban planning and heritage Island Council of Ibiza’s committee, and Italy, where he won Baricentrale International Competition.

In 1999 he set up his professional studio in Barcelona. Since then, he has been working in urban planning and design projects, urban and territorial studies and landscape and urban space projects, both in new building works or refurbishments, with private or public promoters, and some of them subject to competitions. His work has been exhibited, published in catalogues and awarded with prizes and mentions in some national and international competitions (FAD Awards, European Landscape Biennal, Baricentrale International Competition, GISA, COAIB Awards, COAC Awards, etc.).

He has collaborated with some different architects, such us Elias Torres, Massimiliano Fuksas, Víctor Rahola, Ton Salvadó, Inés de Rivera, Isabel Bennasar, José García Navas, MAB Marotta Basile, Jordi Henrich, Jaume Artigues, Amador Ferrer, etc.


Awarded Projects

  • First prize, Ibiza and Formentera 2008-2011 Architecture Awards.
  • Finalist in the Thought and Criticism Category, FAD Awards 2008.
  • Selected Work in the City and Landscape category of the FAD Awards, 2013.
  • Selected Work in the European Landscape Biennial, Rosa Barba European Award 2012.
  • First Price in the BARICENTRALE. International Ideas Competition for Railway Areas, 2013, Bari, Italy (with Massimiliano Fuksas, Jordi Henrich, Isabel Bennasar, Jaume Artigues).
  • First Price: Competition for the new Public Health Centre Of Aiguaviva, Girona, 2009, GISA.
  • Second Price: Competition for the Urban Renovation of Vara de Rei Paseo, Ibiza, 2009.
  • Second Price: Competition for the Parcbit Minorca Building, Alaior, Minorca, 2010.
  • Second Price: Competition for the Public Health Centre of Vilablareig, Girona, 2008, GISA.
  • Second Price: Competition for the New Firehouse, Olot, Girona, 2008, GISA.


Published Projects

Catalogue of the FAD Awards, 2008, 2011, Catalogue of the European Landscape Biennial 2012, Catalogue of the Ibiza and Formentera 2004-2007 and 2005-2011 Architecture Awards, Catalogue of the International Competition BARICENTRALE, la Vanguardia and other journals and reviews.



  • From 2006 to 2010 he was member of the editor team of Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme published by COAC, directed by Josep Quetglas.
  • Between 2007 and 2013 he was in charge of Culture at Ibiza and Formentera COAIB’s demarcation.
  • Between 2009 and 2011 he was member of the Territory, urban planning and heritage Island Ibiza’s Council committee (CIOTUPHA)
  • He has been member of some juries in different architecture competitions and in Menorca’s and Ibiza’s Architecture Awards in 2013 (with Jordi Garcés and with Pere Riera).


Academic and research experience

During the last 20 years he has been involved in researching about territory and its architecture, and the active role that rural landscape structures can play in contemporary design and urban projects.

  • Professor at the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB-UPC)
  • Guest professor at ETSAB, ETSAV, Politécnico di Milano, Universitá Federico II Napoli, PennDesign Philadelphia, UIB Palma de Mallorca.
  • 10 articles published at Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme and other catalogued magazines
  • Books: Morna Atzaró, la construcción del territorio de Eivissa, COAIB 2007, finalista Premis FAD 2008, jurado: Carles Martí, Carles Muro, Miquel Adriá
  • Book chapters: La costa catalana, una lectura des del territori, Editorial Grau, 2010.
  • Book editor: Josep Lluis Sert, 1902-2002. Cicle de Conferencies, Autores: Mario Corea, Jaume Freixa, Josep Maria Rovira y Raimon Torres. COAIB, 2008.
  • Editor with Josep Quetglas of the book Nova Portalada i batiport per a l’esglesia de Sant Gaietà i altres obres de José Antonio Martínez-Lapeña i Elías Torres Tur, Palma de Mallorca, 2011.



He has been curator of two exhibitions about Erwin Broner and he was finalist in 2012 and 2013 in the competition for the curation of the Catalan and Balearic pavilion in Venice’s Biennal, along with Ton Salvadó and Inés de Rivera.

His projects and research on Ibiza’s island have been exhibited during 2014-2015 in COAC’s headquarters in Barcelona and Tarragona, COAIB’s offices in Palma and Ibiza and schools of architecture such as ETSAB Barcelona, EAR Reus and ETSALS Barcelona.



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